Gold Lion EL84 / N709 Genalex / Russia

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NN-GL-EL84 Gold Lion EL84 / N709 Genalex / Russia on_Stock € 26,40
NN-GL-EL84 (2)
Gold Lion EL84 / N709 Genalex / Russia (2x)
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on_Stock € 60,00
NN-GL-EL84 (4)
Gold Lion EL84 / N709 Genalex / Russia (4x)
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on_Stock € 120,00

Gold Lion EL84 / N709 Genalex / Russia

RohS Compliant
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Tonally, this is probably one of the best sounding new produced tubes. The only one that sonically I like more is just the Mullard RI.
BUT... BUT... A pair of these tubes, bought here in TAD, lasted exactly 4 hours (and I never got a replacement or refund).
Mullard RI where slightly better sounding (fuller) than the Gold Lion but, they had a lot of floor noise so, I had to forgot them.
Very disapointed with the purchase of both (way expensiver than other new production tubes). The tone is there but... behing the floor noise or they don't last enough (4 hours!!!!, what's that?)
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