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RT211 single (1 selected tube) on_Stock € 29,50
RT212 Pair (2 matched tubes) on_Stock € 59,00
RT214 Quartet (4 matched tubes) on_Stock € 118,00
RT216 Sextet (6 matchted tubes) on_Stock € 177,00
RT218 Octet (8 matched tubes) on_Stock € 236,00
RT2112 Duodezet (12 matched tubes) on_Stock € 354,00

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The Classic 6L6 Sound - Excellent Tone and Maximum Lifetime!

TAD has the remakes of the all time favorite 6L6 classics by RCA and GE. The TAD 6L6GC-STR is your perfect choice if you are up for the sound of the rock legends. It provides the low end with the right amount of pressure, as known from the famous RCA tubes. It has clear, transparent but unobstrusive highs and exactly the right bite to provide you with all those classic 6L6 sounds from big warm cleans to modern hard rock sounds.

This TAD 6L6GC-STR combines the famous reliability of the american made Philips/Sylvania STR series (also known as MESA 6L6GC-STR415) with the black-plate system of the highly regarded vintage RCA 6L6GC tubes. We joined best of both worlds! Silky top end, combined with deep bass response and lots of headroom make this tube a living classic. Our choice for lively clean sounds and powerful broadband multichannel amps.

Exclusive black-plate designs, gold gird wire, double getter construction, no-noise filaments and the 1.2mm thick heavy duty glass envelope.

Q: When does a power tube become a Premium Selected power tube?
A: All power tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
- Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
- Low Noise Test
- Microphonic Test
- Sonic Tests
- Shock Tests
- Listening Tests
- Shorts & Leakage Tests

Premium RT-Matching of Power Tubes
Our Premium Matching is an exact matching of power tubes with identical Plate Current (PC) and Transconductance (TC).

TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties) for the quality criteria mentioned above.

RohS Compliant
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marc.t (5/5)

perfect tubes for my fender reissue model T. good deep bass tone.

Bill Bockay (5/5)

Great tubes.
Just got plugged these tubes into my Hugues & kettner Statesman Dual 6L6 and I'm really impressed by the tone they give.
Warm and mildy tone, sound very smooth.

Congrat's TAD, great job!

Darryl Harrison (5/5)

I opted to try these TAD 6L6GC-STR's in my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III as a means to improve a tone I was pretty happy. Before swapping, I biased the original power amp tubes to 68mv and did the same for the TAD's. Using identical volume and tone settings, I found a marked improvement in tone, headroom and sheer musicality. I've now installed TAD in the preamp stages (7025 WA Highgrade in V1 & 2, 12AX7A-C in V3). The only other change in the amp is an Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker. Overall, I'm exremely happy with these enhancements, and have received many compliments. I'll be sticking with TAD tubes, I like the quality too, and continue to recommend them to others.

Grzegorz Sawa-Boryslawski (5/5)

If you got Ampeg V4-B just get them. BEST, richest sound ever and probalby most powerful 6L6 on the market

Gary Roufosse (5/5)

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you about my experience with the 6L6GC-STR tubes.

I custom designed and built a Class A amplifier system for Hi-Fi. I spent hundreds of hours on the project and used very high quality parts. It sounded terrific, and sounds better as all the parts \"run-in\". The amplifier has 45W RMS/channel, and uses a quad on each side. I had tried many different types of tubes and some were better than others. As you know, a Class A amplifier can be truly revealing so the tubes have to be good and the right quality.

I looked at the design of the TAD 6L6GC and decided to give them a try. I was impressed with the look and the fact they were designed in Germany - the home of great engineering. When I received them, I was very happy with the build quality and appearance. However, the real surprise was running them in my amplifier! These are fabulous tubes! They do something for the music unlike any other tube I have tried. And I have even tried the famous RCA black plates, and yes, these do sound better. In fact, I bias them at 68mA and I use PEARL tube coolers, so far, they have been extremely stable and I have about 300 hours on them with no bias drift. Fantastic!

I am now building the second amplifier - a clone of the first as I can bi-amplify my speakers - and will no doubt be using the TAD 6L6GC in that amplifier as well. I recommend them to anyone who wants a great tube in their home tube audio system!

Thank you
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