6550A-STR TAD Premium Matched

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RT881 single (1 selected tube) on_Stock € 49,90
RT882 Pair (2 gematched tubes) on_Stock € 99,80
RT884 Quartet (4 matched tubes) on_Stock € 199,60
RT886 Sextet (6 gematchte Röhren) on_Stock € 299,40
RT888 Octet (8 matched tubes) on_Stock € 399,20

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6550A-STR TAD Premium Matched

Remake of the Classical GE6550A - TAD 6550A-STR PREMIUM Selected

NEW VERSION: Since Sept. 2010, the TAD 6550A-STR has been manufactured with a stronger and exceptionally pure anode material combination. In conjunction with the extended TAD burn-in and formating process, the 6550A-STR reaches an outstanding consistency and stability and outperformes even the 6550C -C-.
This makes the 6550A-STR withstand even the most critical application like e.g. the Ampeg SVT.
(Fits only without the tube retainer!)

The TAD 6550A-STR is a true remake of the vintage GE 6550A with a heavy, straight glass envelope, polished metal base and the authentic triple getter construction. A balanced tube, known for its incredible bottom end and rich mids. Smooth, liquid bass, natural sounding tone and a wide open character make this tube extremely popular for bass guitar amps and High End Hi-Fi applications.
The ratings of the TAD 6550C-STR meet or exceed those of the classic 6550A tubes. It performs superbly in any application asking for 6550.

Q: When does a power tube become a Premium Selected power tube?
A: All power tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
- Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
- Low Noise Test
- Microphonic Test
- Sonic Tests
- Shock Tests
- Listening Tests
- Shorts & Leakage Tests

Premium RT-Matching of Power Tubes
Our Premium Matching is an exact matching of power tubes with identical Plate Current (PC) and Transconductance (TC).

TAD Premium Selected tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties) for the quality criteria mentioned above.

RohS Compliant
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korob (5/5)

very good

korobkov nikolay (5/5)

очень понравились

Chris Turner (5/5)

TAD recommended this 6550A-STR for the AMPEG SVTs. My SVT was "eating" 6550WEs within a few months. The TAD 6550A does work now since over a year with great power and delivers the best tone I ever achieved from my SVT.

Thanks to TAD for that excellent 6550A-STR and the great support finding the right tubes.
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