Psvane ACME 845 Matched Pair in exclusive gift box

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Partnumber: PS-A845/2

Psvane ACME 845 Matched Pair in exclusive gift box

Note from Manufacturer:
Based on the design of composite metal screen, the anode will be slightly reddish in operation. This is a normal phenomenon.
It takes at least 50 hours for the sound to gradually stabilize and it may take 150 hours or more to reach the state of perfection.

Static parameter
Ua--------------------------------- 1250 V

Ug-------------------------------- 200 V
Ia----------------------------------- 80 mA
Gm---------------------------------- 3 mA/V
ri------------------------------------- 1.7 KO
u------------------------------------- 5
RL----------------------------------- 3.4 KO
Ug(pk)------------------------------ 69 V
Pout------------------------------- 15 W

Recommended Operating Conditions(reference value)
class A1 .single tube:
Ua----------- 1000 1000 1250 V

Ug------ -- 145 155 209 V
RL----------- 6 9 16 KO
Ia--------- --- 90 65 52 mA
Gm-------- -- 3.1

110 148 V
ri------------ 1.7 1.9 2.1 KO
Pout------- - 24 21 24 W

RohS Compliant

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