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About DeoxIT®:


DeoxIT®   Essentials are four unique formulations guaranteed to improve the performance and reliability of ALL electronic devices and equipment. What makes DeoxIT®  products different? When performance and reliability are essential, you need the DeoxIT® Essentials! General  “contact cleaners”  are effective in washing away surface dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces, but prove ineffective for removing oxidation and metal sulfides.  These tough contaminants actually attach to, and become an integral part of the contact metal, causing reduced performance, system failures and increased service calls.  The only true method of eliminating oxidation and surface sulfides is by chemical action and reaction, and that’s what puts  DeoxIT®  products in a class by themselves. So when you want to do general cleaning and remove dust, dirt, and grime, and other surface contaminants, use a general CAIG flushing cleaner. But when you need to safely cure contact related problems and dramatically improve equipment performance . . . . . . CHOOSE  DeoxIT®. The DeoxIT® Essentials, world recognized as the best products to improve the performance and reliability of ALL your electronic devices and equipment, GUARANTEED!

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