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Psvane 12AX7-T-MII/2 (=ECC83) matched pair

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Psvane 12AX7-S Art-Series, gold-pin, matched PAIR (2 tubes)
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Part Number: PS2-12AX7-S.2
  • PS2-12AX7-T-MII.2
  • 5x8.5x9.5 cm
  • 0.158 kg
  • 4251594905738
the very last pieces of the old original version!   Discontinued. No longer... more
Product information "Psvane 12AX7-T-MII/2 (=ECC83) matched pair"
the very last pieces of the old original version!
Discontinued. No longer available when sold out!  successor item:  PS2-12AX7-S.2 ART Series
The 12AX7-T/2 Psvane Reference T-series getshipped as factory matched pair.
Dramatically increased sound quality over the standard Shuguang 12AX7 tubes.
Gold coated pins to enhance connection over long term.
All parts are selected to the highest grade plus only highly experienced workers to assemble
Suggested burn-in time is 50-80 hours.
Tube Type: 12AX7/ECC83/7025
Socket: 9 Pin(Noval)
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Customer evaluation for "Psvane 12AX7-T-MII/2 (=ECC83) matched pair"
8 Jan 2021

Highly recommended upgrade

The pair Psvane 12AX7-T-MII/2 have arrived after long waiting due to Christmas holidays, but the waiting has paid me off. Having the tubes installed onto my Unison Research S6 Mk II even without burn in they shined right away. The sound stage, stereo image, vocals, acoustic instruments, all is different and by different I mean better in every respect comparing to the factory fitted Tung Sol 12AX7. Highly recommended upgrade!

16 Mar 2019

I have installed this tubes in an Universal Audio 2-2610S mic/line preamp.

My unit was a later one loaded with two ECC83S JJ's and two ECC81 JJ's wich after testing them

the way U.A. explains on their website did not appeared to be dead at all.

But at least sonicly they seemed lacking a bit of life to me.

Now I have just intsalled those Psvane a few days ago and even without burn-in time

the sound seemed to have more presence and definition on the bass, as same as an extend on the highs

compared to the JJ. Electric bass throuh it seems to get back the lack of bass there was with the JJ while keeping the

nice tube low-mid wich makes the preamp shine with this instrument.

The preamp has been running for like 60 hours now (day and night rotation with line sources) and it seems the middle and upper mids wich I found a bit uncolored at first, or more transistor-like sounding to say, are getting more lush and focused. That was the only thing I like with the JJ's, but the rest made it not suitable for my taste.

The most significant improvement compared to the JJ's is the differences you can get while running line-level sources throuh

the mic input. Impedance switching between 500 ohm and 2.0K Ohm seems more influent with the Psvane.

I wait for a longer burn-in time to see if there will be more improves on the sound since those tubes are known for having a longer burn-in time period than others. Anyway, for now, not having been able to test NOS RCA, Mullards or Telefunken in this preamp, it sounds like a serious improve above the JJ's. Very happy with them, I just hope they will stand the test of time...

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