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Psvane 12AU7-T-MII/2 (=ECC82) MarkII Series, Matched PAIR

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Psvane 12AU7-S Art-Series, Matched PAIR (2 tubes)
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Part Number: PS2-12AU7-S.2
  • PS2-12AU7-T-MII.2
  • 5x8.5x10 cm
  • 0.165 kg
  • 4251594905752
Discontinued. No longer available, official successor : PS2-12AU7-S.2 - see matching... more
Product information "Psvane 12AU7-T-MII/2 (=ECC82) MarkII Series, Matched PAIR"
Discontinued. No longer available, official successor : PS2-12AU7-S.2 - see matching products
The 12AU7-T-MII/2 Psvane Reference MARK II T-series getshipped as factory matched pair.
Each tube has an individual serial number and test spec sheet.
Dramatically increased sound quality over the standard Shuguang 12AU7 ( = ECC82, 6189) tubes.
Gold coated pins to enhance connection over long term.
All parts are selected to the highest grade plus only highly experienced workers to assemble
Suggested burn-in time is 50-80 hours.
Tube Type: 12AU7/ECC82/6189/CV4003
Socket: Noval(9 Pin)
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Customer evaluation for "Psvane 12AU7-T-MII/2 (=ECC82) MarkII Series, Matched PAIR"
26 Jan 2020

A good choice worth to examine spacious and detailed sound jj bass suits better my taste but still is well controlled and tight. My amp is plimaluna hp with tube amp kt88

18 May 2019

Exceptional valve. The valve starts to play discreetly / well after 6/7 hours. Granite sound, full on all frequencies, balanced, very deep image in 3D. Valve superior to the already excellent 12au7, siemens, 005,085. I do not imagine running in after 100/300 hours as described by a reviewer. We are on the highest levels as the best NOS . Highly recommended

18 Dec 2013

Psvane 12AU7-T (Grade A) vs my siemens, no contest they weren’t even close, I mean that the psvane weren’t better, but perhaps the amp had something to do with it… Little Dot MK8.

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