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Mains Transf. for Vox

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Vox Amps
AC15PC1 Netztrafo für Vox AC15C1 und AC15C2
Mains transf. for AC15C1 and AC15C2
Original VOX Power transformer for the AC15 from the "C" series like AC15C1, AC15C2 Primary: 0V Black 230V White Secondary: HV Orange 0V White HV Orange 6,3V Yellow 0V Yellow 25V Red 0V Red

€152.90 *
Remember Part Number: AC15PC1
Vox Amps
AC15P Netztrafo für Vox AC15P 60er Jahre mit EZ81
Mains transf. for Vox AC15 60´s with EZ81 rectifier
Mains transf. for Vox AC15 60´s with EZ81 rectifier Fits also the AC15HW transformer (022-1020042306R) of the handwired AC15HTVH Lamination: 3 3/4", Stack: 2" Mounting: 79x64mm Center holes distance: 71mm Primary: 0V red 115V white 160V...

€149.50 *
Remember Part Number: AC15P
Vox Amps
AC15PCC Netztrafo für Voc AC15CC
Mains transf. for Vox AC15CC
VOX Power transformer for the AC15 from the "CC" series like AC15CC1, AC15CC1X Upgrade, supports all primary voltages. Mounting: 79x64mm Primäry 0V Red 100V White 120V Blue 230V Black 240V Green Secondary 285V 150mA purple 0V grey 285V...

€139.50 *
Remember Part Number: AC15PCC
Vox Amps
AC30P Netztrafo für Vox AC30 bis 1969 mit GZ34
Mains transf. for Vox AC30 till 1969 supports GZ34 rectifier
MAINS: VOX® AC 30 built till 1969, supports GZ34 tube rectifier Lamination: EI126/41, Mounting on 105x84mm In contrast to the original PT with 5" lamination the mounting holes of the chassis may need some "massage" to fit the AC30P. No...

€239.00 *
Remember Part Number: AC30P
Vox Amps
AC30PRM Netztrafo für Vox AC30, Rose Morris Version
Mains transf. for Vox AC30, Rose Morris version
MAINS: VOX® AC 30 «Rose Morris» version, without GZ34 support Also used in the AC30 REISSUE LIMITED without 5AR4 rectifier tube Lay down type, lamination EI96 Mounting on 79x64mm NEW VERSION! Primary 0V Black 120V Orange 220V White 230V...

€165.70 *
Remember Part Number: AC30PRM
Vox Amps
AC30PC-2 Netztrafo für Vox AC30C2
Mains transf. for Vox AC30C2
Power transformer for the AC30 from the "C" series like AC30C2 and AC30C2X Custom made for TAD by Dagnall lamination: 3 3/8", Stack 2 1/2" Upgrade! Primary: 240V Grey 230V White 0V Black Secondary: 262V 380mA Orange 0V White 262V Orange...

€194.99 *
Remember Part Number: AC30PC-2
Vox Amps
AC30PCC Netztrafo für Vox AC30CC
Mains transf. for Vox AC30CC
Original power transformer for the AC30 from the "CC" series like AC30CC1, AC30CC2, AC30CCH 230V operation replacement for the 022-200062214 primary 0V Red 230V Black Secondary: 280V Violet 0V Grey 280V Violet 6,3V Blue 0V Blue 5V Pink...

€169.90 *
Remember Part Number: AC30PCC
Vox Amps
AC30PRE Netztrafo für Vox AC30TBX  Reissue mit GZ34
Mains transf. for Vox AC30TBX Reissue with GZ34
MAINS Transformers for the UK at Marshall made VOX® AC30TB and AC30TBX, Reissue, Model Nr. AC30/6TB NEW VERSION, WITH SHROUD! 117V and 230V/240V operation possible (see picture #3) Lamination: 3 3/4" mounting on 3 1/8" x 2 1/2" perfect...

€176.30 *
Remember Part Number: AC30PRE
Vox Amps
AC50BP Netztrafo für Vox AC50 für Brückengleichrichter
Mains transf. for Vox AC50 for bridge rectifier
until further notice undeliverable! The AC50BP is no longer available. Replacement: The M100PL can be used instead with correct lamination size like AC50BP. a few details to take care about: high-voltage supply: connect black and brown...

€162.99 *
Remember Part Number: AC50BP
Vox Amps
VCONQ Netztrafo für Vox Conqueror
Mains transf. for Vox Conqueror
until further notice undeliverable! Power Transformer for the VOX® Conqueror, correct voltages and size: Primary: 0 V Black 115 V Brown 160 V Blue 205 V Yellow 225 V Orange 245 V Red Screen Pink Secondary: PA Red 0 V Black PA Red Pre...

€119.90 *
Remember Part Number: VCONQ
Vox Amps
VNT2-P Original VOX Netztransformator für den NT2H
Mains transf. for Vox NT2H
Original VOX Power transformer for the NT2H 220/230V

€74.30 *
Remember Part Number: VNT2-P
Vox Amps
VNT50H-P Netztrafo für Vox NT50H und 50H-G2
Mains transf. for Vox NT50H und 50H-G2
Original VOX Power transformer for the Vox NT50H und 50H-G2

€179.00 *
Remember Part Number: VNT50H-P
Vox Amps
8050476 Netztrafo für Vox Pacemaker
Mains transf. for Vox Pacemaker
Mains transf. for Vox Pacemaker Primary: 230V Black 0V White Secondary: 300V@100mA Red 0V Green/Yellow 300V Red 3,15V@3,2A Green 0V Green/Yellow 3,15V Green this transformer is usually no stock type but will be made on order, typical...

€95.50 *
Remember Part Number: 8050476
Vox Amps
AC15PRE Netztrafo für Vox AC15 Reissue
Mains transf. Vox AC15 Reissue
MAINS Transformers for the VOX® AC15TB and AC15TBX, Reissue built by Marshall on behalf of Korg from 1996 to 2004 Our Transformer replaces the obsolete Dagnall TXMA-00053, D2495. New version, comes with shroud! Custom made by Dagnall in...

€124.90 *
Remember Part Number: AC15PRE