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Mains Transf. for Music Man

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Music Man
Mains transf. for Music Man 110RD-50 und 112RD-50
MAINS TRANSFORMER for: Musicman® 110RD50 und 112RD-50 (230V) (Mod.: 1650RD) Export Transformer for 110V units, converts 110V PT: 7-50-120. Lamination: 3 1/3 ", stacking 1 1/8", upright Primary: 0V Black 230V White Secondary: 235V Red 0V...

€112.00 *
Remember Part Number: 7-50-250
Music Man
Mains transf. for Music Man 65 Watt Modell 2275-65, 2475-65
Mainstransformer for Music Man 65 Watt, Model 2275-65 and 2475-65, Type 1 only (220-240V) NEW IMPROVED VERSION: bigger stacking for cooler operation and superior performance! comes with shroud Export Transformer for 110V units For...

€139.50 *
Remember Part Number: 1-65-E
Music Man
Mains transf. for Music Man RP112 2475-100/130W
Power Transformer for Musicman RP112 2475-100/130W, for amps with solid state driver. Also used in the 150W models like 2275-150 and 2475-150 original 220V und 250V taps (Export 220VAC OR 250VAC) replaces the transformers for 100V and...

€219.50 *
Remember Part Number: MM200-130-250
Music Man
Mains transf. Music Man 130 Watt Model 2275-130, 2475-130
Mainstransformer for: Series One-Thirty (HD) Amplifiers (2-Channels): HD-130, 210HD-130, 410HD-130, 212HD-130, 115HD-130-EVM (1974-79) Chassis: 2100-130, 2275-130, 2475-130 (220-240V) with tube phase inverter Export Transformer for 110V...

€176.50 *
Remember Part Number: 2-130-E