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Mains Transf. for Ampeg

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Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
8930070 Netztrafo für Ampeg B25
Mains Transf. for Ampeg B25 export version 230V
Powertransformer for B25 Supports 117V and 230/240V operations (see picture #2) NEW VERSION WITH SHROUDS authentic lamination size: 4 1/2", Stack 1 1/2" mounting on 98mm x 58-69mm (oblong hole) dimensions: W x H x D: 115mm x 98mm x 96mm...

€179.50 *
Remember Part Number: 8930070
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
SVTP1 Netztrafo für Ampeg SVT:  HV-Mains 230V
Mains Transf. for Ampeg SVT P1 (HV-Mains 230V)
THIS TRANSFORMER IS UNFORTUNATELY NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Mains transformerfor vintage US Ampeg® SVT Amps 117V and 230V/240V operation possible (see picture 2) lay down mounting, correct lamination 5 1/4", Stack 3" L x W x H:...

€319.00 *
Remember Part Number: SVTP1
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
SVTP2 Netztrafo für Ampeg SVT: Heiztrafo
Mains Transf. for Ampeg SVT P2 (filament transformer)
Mains filament transformer for vintage US Ampeg® SVT Amps 117V and 230V/240V operation possible (see picture #2) superior quality vintage correct lamiantion 3", stack: 2" NEW: COMES WITH TOP SHROUD: Primary: 0V Black 117V White 0V Blue...

€112.90 *
Remember Part Number: SVTP2
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
9460230 Netztrafo für Ampeg SVT-CL
Mains Transf. for Ampeg SVT-CL
Transf.MAINS for: Ampeg® Ampeg SVT-CL Supports all primary voltages! Dimensions: W x H x D: 133mm x 119mm x 162mm mounting on 111mm x 110-118mm (oblong hole) UPGRADE! electrical specs like vintage Ampegs! primäry 120 V Black 110 V Pink...

€335.90 *
Remember Part Number: 9460230
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
9461940 Netztrafo für Ampeg SVT-III PRO, Ringkernausführung
Mains Transf. for Ampeg SVT-III PRO
NO LONGER AVAILABLE Transf.MAINS for: Ampeg® Ampeg SVT-III PRO, Toroidal core: Does not fit the SVT III NON-PRO version! Supports all primary voltages! UPGRADE! comes with mounting kit like pictured! Primary: 125V Black 115V Pink 100V...

€299.50 *
Remember Part Number: 9461940
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
300726-1 Netztrafo für Ampeg V-2 und VT-40
Mains Transf. for Ampeg V-2 and VT-40
until further notice undeliverable! Powertransformer for V2 and VT40 with Distortion control knob, for 60W with 2x Endröhren 7027 from 1976 on. lamination: 4 1/2", lay-down mounting Primary: 0V Black 115V White 0V Black 115V White...

€174.50 *
Remember Part Number: 300726-1
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
8930077 Netztrafo für Ampeg V-2, VT-40 Ersatz für 300713-4
Mains Transf. for Ampeg V-2, VT-40 replaces 300713-4
No longer available - until further notice! Powertransformer for V2 and VT40 up to 1975, Export version, replaces 300713-4 lamination 4 1/2" Primary: 0V Black 115V White 0V Black 115V White Secondary: 425V Red 0V Red 6,3V White 0V Green

€164.01 *
Remember Part Number: 8930077
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
AV4BP Netztrafo für Ampeg V-4, V-4B und VT-22 bis ca. Bj 1975
Mains Transf. for Ampeg V-4, V-4B and VT-22 up to 1975
Transf.MAINS for: Ampeg® V-4, V-4B und VT-22 up to 1975. Replaces Transformer #8930056 For better determination fits V4 version with six controls: Volume1, Volume 2, Treble, Midrange, Bass, Reverb This version has a 6K11 tube. Does not...

€179.50 *
Remember Part Number: AV4BP
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
9465021 Netztrafo für Ampeg V-4BH
Mains Transf. for Ampeg V-4BH
until further notice undeliverable! Power Transformer for Ampeg V-4BH, #94-650-21 Primary: 0V Violett 230V Grey 240V Black Sekundär: HV Red 0V Red 13V Blue 0V White 13V Blue 23V Orange 0V Green 23V Orange 3,15V Yellow 0V Green/Yellow...

€189.00 *
Remember Part Number: 9465021
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
300725-1 Netztrafo für Ampeg V-4 und VT-22, VT40
Mains Transf. for Ampeg V2, V4, VT22, VT40
Powertransformer for V4 and VT22 with Distortion control knob, 120W with 4x7027, from 1976 on. For better determination, fits V4 with seven controls: Channel ONE: Volume, Distortion Channel TWO: Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, Reverb...

€230.80 *
Remember Part Number: 300725-1
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
VT60P Netztrafo für Ampeg VT60 Triax Serie, ersetzt 94-611-01
Mains Transf. for Ampeg VT60 Triax Serie,replaces 94-611-01
Transformer MAINS for Ampeg VT60 Triax Serie, replaces Ampeg p/n: 94-611-01 Primary: 115V and 230V MADE IN GERMANY! Lamination: 3.75", Stack 1.9" Mounting on 90mm x 77mm Primary: 0V Black 115V Grey 0V Black 115V Grey Secondary: 365V Red...

€129.00 *
Remember Part Number: VT60P
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
9460212 Ausgangsübertrager für Ampeg SVT-CL/ -AV
output transformer for Ampeg SVT-CL/ -AV
output transformer for Ampeg SVT-CL/ -AV fits Vintage Ampegs SVT also just remove one shroud for drop through mounting! replacement for the Fender 005-0854-000 output transformer like used in the Fender Bassmann 300 Pro and Sunn 300T...

€349.50 *
Remember Part Number: 9460212
Tube Amp Doctor GmbH
9460345 Netztrafo, Heizung, Ampeg SVT Classic, SVT Heritage
Transf. Filament for: Ampeg® SVT Classic
Transf. Filament for: Ampeg® SVT Classic, Export Could also replace the 94-602-35 comes with top shroud like pictured lamination: 3 3/8" mounting on 2 1/4" x 2 13/16" Primary: 770005 0V Violet 100V Grey 120V Brown 0V White 100V Blue 110V...

€145.60 *
Remember Part Number: 9460345