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Output transf. Fender Pro Rev,Vibrolux/Rev,Tremolux

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  • 125A6AX
  • 12x14x17 cm
  • 1.5 kg
  • 4251594927228
Outputtransformer for 2x6L6GC/5881  4 + 8 Ohm / max. 50 Watt Exact Transformer for Fender... more
Product information "Output transf. Fender Pro Rev,Vibrolux/Rev,Tremolux"
Outputtransformer for 2x6L6GC/5881  4 + 8 Ohm / max. 50 Watt
Exact Transformer for Fender blackface and silverface models: Bandmaster, Bandmaster Reverb (fits TFL5005D also), Pro Amp (8 Ohm), Pro Reverb Amp, Vibrolux (8 Ohm), Vibrolux Reverb, Tremolux (all schematic type AA763+AB763+AA1069)
fits also brownface Vibrolux 6G11-A
also replaces Fender P/N 036968 + 125A7A / 022848
Made in USA with vintage correct paper bobbin wound with superior tone!
primary impedance: 4.2K
Mounting: 90.5mm
      A1            blue
      HT            red
      A2            brown
      0 Ohm            black
      4 Ohm            yellow
      8 Ohm            green
Transformator Type: Output Transformers
OT-Tubes: 6L6
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Customer evaluation for "Output transf. Fender Pro Rev,Vibrolux/Rev,Tremolux"
29 Jan 2024

Great option for

Great option for vintage Fender 6L6 Amps that lost its original output transformer. I use it in the original 1964 Tremolux and in 63 Vibroverb Reverb. I was lucky to compare to my friend's 1965 tremolux and for some reasons my sounds even better (I believe the OT is as good as teh original and my amp could be better adjusted incl bias). Anyway, do you guys have any idea if the two output taps can be used at the same time (internal amps speaker and external box) ?

Admin 30 Jan 2024

TAD: thanks for your review. Tech support question please send to

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