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NOS Tubes

NOS Tubes
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NOS Tubes
0C3A / 0C3W Gas discharge tube
0C3A / 0C3W Gas discharge tube / 105 volt regulator, octal base, aka VR-105, WY-3P A Gas discharge tube / voltage regulator is used as a shunt regulator to hold a voltage constant at a pre-determined level

€19.00 *
Remember Part Number: S0C3
NOS Tubes
12AY7 Westinghouse (GE made) NOS, Matchd PAIR
12AY7 Westinghouse (GE made 1962) NOS, Matchd PAIR perfect mint NOS conditions, slighly dimpled glass as ued in the 1950s. probalby made in the 1950s but marked by Westinghouse in 1962. note: very limited supply. we can't back-order when...

€279.00 *
Remember Part Number: S12AY7.2
NOS Tubes
12BY7A / 12BV7 (=12DQ7) NOS
12BY7A / 12BV7 (=12DQ7) NOS

€25.00 *
Remember Part Number: S12BY7
NOS Tubes
12BZ7 NOS, High-Mu Twin Triode
Twin Triode 12BZ7 NOS, made in USA high-mu picture might differ, a few single pieces available only

€24.80 *
Remember Part Number: S12BZ7
NOS Tubes
2C51 (aka 396) black anode, AMC/United branded, made by TungSol...
2C51 (=WE396A, 6385, 6N3P) AMC / United brand, NOS/NIB, blackpaltes, made in USA by TungSol LIMITED SUPPLY !

€39.50 *
Remember Part Number: S396A-USA
NOS Tubes
3A4 / DL93 / CV807 Pentode NOS/NIB
3A4 / DL93 / CV807 Pentode NOS/NIB all in original box RF France 1964

€3.95 *
Remember Part Number: S3A4
NOS Tubes
5687 (aka CV2578) NOS/USA double triode
5687 / 5687WB (aka CV2578) NOS/USA double triode most stock is TungSol, SYLVANIA, PHILIPS, GE NOS/USA note: E182CC, 6900, 7044, 7119 can replace a 5687

From €34.50 *
Remember Part Number: S5687
NOS Tubes
5879 Pentode NOS/USA
5879 Pentode NOS/USA various brands, Philips ECG, Sylvania, Raytheon, RCA etc. used in some Gibson Les Paul Amps of the 1950s, for jukeboxes SEEBURG and others

€27.00 *
Remember Part Number: S5879
NOS Tubes
5U4GB NOS, rectifier tube
various brands, most in original boxes (NIB) RCA, Sylvania, GE, Philips, Westinghouse and others

€59.00 *
Remember Part Number: S5U4GB
NOS Tubes
5V4G / GZ31 ST-Shape (NOS)
rectifier tube, beautiful GT-Shape "coke bottle" NOS / NIB RFT (E.Germany) + FIVRE (I) can replace the 5Y3GT/WGT in many amps like the Fener CHAMP (5F1) or DELUXE (5E3) and provides a little extra power resulting in a little extra...

From €49.00 *
Remember Part Number: S5V4G
NOS Tubes
5Y3GT/WGT/WGTB/GTA 6087 NOS USA different brands, most are Sylvania JAN black plate

€49.00 *
Remember Part Number: S5Y3
NOS Tubes
5Y4G / CV1857 Duo-Diode, NOS USA
5Y4G / CV1857 Duo-Diode, NOS / NIB USA varous brands, picture might differ

€32.00 *
Remember Part Number: S5Y4
NOS Tubes
6112 Sub-Miniatur Doppel-Triode NOS / USA
6112 aka CV5986 Sub-Miniatur Doppel-Triode NOS made in USA

€11.99 *
Remember Part Number: S6112
NOS Tubes
6336A/B Duo-Triode NOS
6336A/B Duo-Triode NOS

€67.50 *
Remember Part Number: S6336A
NOS Tubes
6AN8A / 8489 USA / NOS
6AN8A / 8489 USA / NOS like used in Ampeg V2, V4, VT22, VT40 (Version with Distortion from 1976), several Gibson models and in HiFi audio equipment from Fischer, McIntosh, Heathkit, Marantz, Univox and Dyncao just to name a few.

€29.80 *
Remember Part Number: S6AN8
NOS Tubes
6AU6 / 6AU6A / EF94 / 6136
6AU6A / WA / WC / 6136 / EF94 NOS / NIB picvture might differ priced per piece

€13.99 *
Remember Part Number: S6AU6
NOS Tubes
6BA6 / EF93 / 5749 / CV454
7-pin pentode 7BK layout for B7G tube sockets used in Hammond M100 picture might show different brand of same tube model

€12.50 *
Remember Part Number: S6BA6
NOS Tubes
Magnavox (Metro), Ampeg (made in USA) 6BK11 NOS Extremely rare tube used in certain vintage Ampeg Jet, Reverbrocket and Magnatone amps.

€149.00 *
Remember Part Number: S6BK11
NOS Tubes
6BM6A Reflex Klystron
JAN 6BM6 / 6BM6A Reflex Klystron Raytheon/Sylvania/Litton

€19.80 * €77.01 *
Remember Part Number: S6BM6
NOS Tubes
6BW4 full wave rectifier
6BW4 full wave rectifier close to EZ80/6V4 and EZ81/6CA4 but cathode on pin 9 (instead pin 3 at EZ80 and EZ81) current stock: Sylvania (UK), black plate

€8.90 * €18.52 *
Remember Part Number: S6BW4
NOS Tubes
6C10 compactron tube
6C10 compactron tube, 3-section-triode as used in Fender Super Champ, Super Twin Reverb, Super Six Reverb and Soldano Hot Mod also used to replace the obsolete and extremly rare 6BK11 in the vintage Ampeg JET amp matching ceramic socket:...

€99.00 *
Remember Part Number: S6C10
NOS Tubes
6C10 Ersatz: compactron Röhre 6AC10, NOS-NIB/USA
6AC10 compactron tube, 3-section-triode does replace the 6C10 as used in Fender Super Champ, Super Twin Reverb, Super Six Reverb and Soldano Hot Mod the 6AC10 provides a smoother tone than the obsolete 6C10 with a bit less gain but more...

€29.80 *
Remember Part Number: S6AC10
NOS Tubes
6C4 / 6C4WA / 6100 NOS/USA
6C4 / 6C4WA / 6100 / EC90 (~6135 / CV4022 / M8080) NOS / USA used in the old AMPEG SVT amp

€17.00 *
Remember Part Number: S6C4
NOS Tubes
Westinghouse (USA) 6CG7 / 6FQ7 NOS/NIB

From €29.50 *
Remember Part Number: S6CG7
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