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Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" Strat® Pickup

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  • PU-HQC-B-01
  • 6x4x13 cm
  • 0.24 kg
Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" Strat®  Pickup         The all new... more
Product information "Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" Strat® Pickup"
Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" Strat®  Pickup
The all new patent applied for Mojotone HOT "Quiet Coil™" strat pickup is designed for the bridge position only, to give you a more balanced output between positions and better sustain, for those who do not like the weaker vintage strat pickups in the bridge position. The HOT "Quiet Coil™" bridge pickup is a perfect match with our '67 or '58 Quiet Coils in the neck and middle positions for hum-cancelling performance and pure single coil tone.  
Our approach was very simple, to make a hum-cancelling strat pickup that looks and sounds like a real single coil with minimal parts and adhering to actual vintage single coil attributes. Aside from the parts and materials used, we also matched the resonant peak frequency, and inductance of a vintage single coil, so they sit right in the frequency response and feel of a traditional single coil, without having to compensate for it. The HOT "Quiet Coil™" is still very much like a single coil with more midrange and bass for a heavier blues tone with sustain.
No PC boards, batteries, stacked coils, or anything else associated with other hum-canceling pickups were used in our design. The result is simply the most pure and authentic strat tone possible, with absolutely no loss of true single coil tone.
NOTE: With all Mojotone "Quiet Coil™" pickups, you never have to worry about string spacing and radius issues, or the magnets pulling the strings out of tune, and you can bend the strings heavily without ever losing focus or sustain. All of this while achieving perfect single coil strat tone and absolutely no hum!
500k potentiometers are recommended
Bridge      11k      Alnico      Vintage Cloth Leads
Pickup Type: Guitar Pickups
Special: Quiet Coil
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