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Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" P-90 Pickup-Set

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  • PU-P90QC-H-SET-01
  • 4x6x13 cm
  • 0.5 kg
Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" P-90 Pickup-Set - Handwired in USA!   A fuller P-90 tone with... more
Product information "Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" P-90 Pickup-Set"
Mojotone "Hot Quiet Coil" P-90 Pickup-Set - Handwired in USA!
A fuller P-90 tone with more output and gain without the unwanted 60-cycle hum.
The Hot P-90 Quiet Coil was designed for players who need a more powerful P-90 to hit the front end of the amp with more gain and bottom end punch. We were able to retain the clarity and definition of a traditional P-90 so that your tone isn't muddy or dark sounding, with more emphases on upper mid-range growl and no 60-cycle hum. The pickup is a direct replacement for any standard P-90 dogear rout that does not require modifications like many other hum-cancelling designs. The set (neck and bridge) is paired with our '56 Quiet Coil P-90 in the neck position for a well balanced set and excellent clarity in all positions.
  • Designs: Dogear or Soapbar
  • Colors: Black or Cream
Bridge: Matches output of 11k P-90
Magnet: Alnico 5
Lead: Vintage 1-Conductor
Potted: Yes
Output: 6.5
Bass: 6
Mids: 8
Treble: 4
Pickup Type: Guitar Pickups
Special: Quiet Coil
Pickup Magnet: Alnico 5
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