Mains transformer 049052 (replaces US-Version 0477

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  • 004-9052-000
  • 12x14x17 cm
  • 7.6 kg
undeliverable, substitute: 005-1463-000     Mains transformer 049052... more
Product information "Mains transformer 049052 (replaces US-Version 0477"
undeliverable, substitute: 005-1463-000
Mains transformer 049052 (replaces US-Version 047776) for Fender TWIN 94
not(!) for Fender Twin Reverb, '65 Twin Reverb or the 'red knob' The Twin
      Thermo      White-White
      0V      RED
      120V      GREEN
      0V      YELLOW
      100V      VIOLET
      110V      BLUE
      120V      BLACK
      HV      RED
      0V      GREEN/YELLOW
      HV      RED
      28V      BROWN
      0V      BROWN
      6,3V      GREEN
      0V      GREEN
for 230V operation:
Thermo      White      to CP2
Thermo      White      to CP3
      0V      RED      to CP4
      120V      GREEN      to CP5
      0V      YELLOW      to CP6
      100V      VIOLET      to CP7
      110V      BLUE      to S7B
      120V      BLACK      to CP8
until further notice undeliverable!
Transformator Type: MainTransformer
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