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Laney® Pot, B220K, PC Mount, Split Shaft

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  • Z-LS-B220K
  • 1.5x2.7x2.5 cm
  • 0.01 kg
  • 4251594924050
Laney Poti B220K (B200K), 16mm, PC mount    ... more
Product information "Laney® Pot, B220K, PC Mount, Split Shaft"
Laney Poti B220K (B200K), 16mm, PC mount
CUB12R      VR2      Treble      
CUB12R      VR3      Tone      
IRT15H      VR5      Treble      
L20H, L20T      VR5      Treble      Analog Reverb
L20H, L20T (2015)      VR8      Tone      Analog Reverb
L20T, L20H      VR5      Treble      Digital Reverb
L50H      VR3      Treble      
L5T      VR5      Treble      
L5T      VR8      Tone      
VH100R      VR6      Treble      Overdrive PCB
VH100R      VR6      Treble      Clean Channel PCB
VH100R      VR1      ???      FX Loop PCB
LC15      VR12      Treble      
TI15      VR5      Treble      
TT50      VR1      Treble Channel  1      
TT50      VR5      Treble Channel 2      
TT50      VR8      Treble Channel 3      
VC15 (2009)      VR2      Treble      
VC15 (2009)      VR8      Tone      
Track Taper: Linear
Connection Type: PC Mount
Poti Value: 220K Ω
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