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Jupiter Condenser BumbleBee 0.047uF 600VDC (USA)

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Jupiter Condenser BumbleBee 0.047uF 400VDC (USA)
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Part Number: V-JBB047400
  • V-JBB047600
  • 1x1x3 cm
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Jupiter BUMBLE BEE .047 mfd Capacitors (USA) Vintage Style capacitors for tonecontrol in... more
Product information "Jupiter Condenser BumbleBee 0.047uF 600VDC (USA)"
Jupiter BUMBLE BEE .047 mfd Capacitors (USA)
Vintage Style capacitors for tonecontrol in passive guitars and Bases.
The historic Tone-Caps used by Gibson-Guitars in clissic design of the 1950s shape that sought after "smooth warm tone".

Jupiter Bumble Bee Paper-In-Oil (PIO) capacitors are handcrafted for TAD by JUPITER CONDENSERS

manufacturing in the USA with authentic materials
classic design - setting a new benchmark:
TAD/Jupiter Bumble Bee condensers cover a dielectric strength up to 600V which also qualifies them for use in tube amplifiers as stage coupling capacitors.
The improved dielectric strength is a key advantage.
Humbucker circuitry traditionally is uing .022mfd as tone cap; Single-Coil wiring often uses .047mfd.
The higher the capacity of the tone cap, the more significantly the top end gets tamed. It is quit interesting to experiment a bit to find the perfect match for your guitar and playing style.
Made in USA
RoHS compliant
dielectric strength: 600V
length: 32 mm  x diameter: 11 mm
wire length: 45mm each
Design: Axial
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