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Jensen C10/50 EL 10" 50W

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  • LJEC10EL-16
  • 27x12x27 cm
  • 3.8 kg
  • 8034028642555
The new Jensen Speaker for Guitar use with high efficiency and 50W RMS! The Jensen C10 Electric... more
Product information "Jensen C10/50 EL 10" 50W"
The new Jensen Speaker for Guitar use with high efficiency and 50W RMS!
The Jensen C10 Electric Lightning for modern sounds!
Deep Bass with slightly reduced mids and very precise treble response; these are the ingredients for modern guitar sound for extreme High Gain settings which will cut through!
No tonal aesthete for smooth and Vintage Cleans but a roughneck with attitude and punch!
The C10 Electric Lightning can easily stand higher levels and Down tunings without sounding synthetic.
The perfect choice for open back cabs when used multiple or for closed cabs.
General specifications:
Nominal diameter: 10"
Power Rating: 50 Watt
Sensitivity: 97.3 dB
Magnet: Ceramic
Speaker Size: 10 Inch
Power Rating: 50W
Used for: Guitar
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