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EZ80 (6V4) NOS (BEL / Philips) rectifier tube

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  • SEZ80-BEL
  • 2.5x8x2.5 cm
  • 0.025 kg
  • 4251594923374
EZ80 (6V4 / CV1535)  NOS (BEL / Philips/Mullard) full wave rectifier tube, duo diode... more
Product information "EZ80 (6V4) NOS (BEL / Philips) rectifier tube"
EZ80 (6V4 / CV1535)  NOS (BEL / Philips/Mullard)
full wave rectifier tube, duo diode
current stock  BEL (Philips/Mullard license produktion), India
BEL tubes were manufactured utilising Dutch Philips/Mullard British-supplied tooling and expertise under the Transfer of Technology (TOT) program, which meant these tubes were physically identical to their British made counterparts in every way—they had the same shaped anode plates, support micas and electrode geometry, the same seamed glass envelope, the same spot welding, same grid wire spacing and, most importantly, the same cathode chemistry and processing.
Socket: 9 Pin(Noval)
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