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E88CC TESLA Gold-Pins / NOS

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  • 2.5x8x2.5 cm
  • 4251594907879
E88CC (=6922)  TESLA   Gold-Pins and Gold-Grid / NOS  (not JJ !)   the... more
Product information "E88CC TESLA Gold-Pins / NOS"
E88CC (=6922)  TESLA  Gold-Pins and Gold-Grid / NOS  (not JJ !)
the closest E88CC to the legendary Telefunken frame-grid E88CC tube
This is sure one of the best ECC88 ever made. It is almost identical to the Telefunken ECC88 except for the diamond <> sign and markings.
Additonally the TESLA features gold pins.
made in the former CSSR in Prag (factory code 32)
does replace & upgrade: ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922
markings might deviate from picture. stock is mostly from the 1970s.
Tube Type: 6922/ECC88/E88CC
Socket: Noval(9 Pin)
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