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Tubeset for Mesa Boogie BASS 400

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  • TS-MB-400
Tubeset for Mesa Boogie BASS 400   In the first position (V1), this tube set features our... more
Product information "Tubeset for Mesa Boogie BASS 400"
Tubeset for Mesa Boogie BASS 400
In the first position (V1), this tube set features our RT010 7025 TAD HIGHGRADE Premium Selected which is outstanding because of its high gain, low microphony, powerful middles and a round, rich overtone sound.
The following three positions (V2-V4) have our RT001 12AX7A/ECC83 TAD Premium Selected. This tube delivers very good gain, tight deep bass, fat mids and a silky top end with overall definition and brightness. It is selected with balanced systems and improves overall response. Best for clean tones, as well as for sounds requiring deep-bass power like any modern preamp.
For the power tubes, we recommend a matched sextet of our RT886 6550A-STR TAD Premium Matched true remake of the vintage GE 6550A. A balanced tube, known for its incredible bottom end and rich mids. Smooth, liquid bass, natural sounding tone and a wide open character make this tube extremely popular for bass guitar amps and High End Hi-Fi applications.
Tubeset includes:
1x RT010
7025WA HIGHGRADE TAD Premium Selected
3x RT001
12AX7A-C TAD Premium Selected
1x RT886
6550A-STR TAD Premium Matched (6 Tubes)
Please specify the grading of the tubes which is visible on the socket of the original Boogie labeled tubes. Remark the color-code in the comment field during check-out and we will supply the adequate spares to operate at same setting as your old tubes without rebiasing the amp.  This service is provided at no extra charge.
Amp Model: BASS 400
Amplifier Brand: Mesa Boogie
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