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Capacitor Kit for TAD 18WATT Kit

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Capacitor Kit for TAD 18WATT Kit         contents:  ... more
Product information "Capacitor Kit for TAD 18WATT Kit"
Capacitor Kit for TAD 18WATT Kit      
1x V-3232500R - TAD Gold Cap 32+32uF @ 500V, radial d=35mm, h=50mm, Elektrolytkondensator
2x V-8475 - TAD Gold Cap 8uF @ 475V axial 13x25mm, Elektrolytkondensator 105°C
1x V-2525 - TAD Gold Cap 25uF @ 25V, axial 6x13mm, Elektrolytkondensator
2x V-2525BP - TAD Gold Cap 25 mfd @ 25V BiPolar, axial 10x19mm, Elektrolytkondensator
1x V-25025BP - TAD Gold Cap 250 mfd @ 25V BiPolar, axial, Elektrolytkondensator (16x27mm)
2x V-MC4 - TAD 4.7nF 630VDC Mustard Cap (4.7nF =  0.0047uF)
4x V-MC10 - TAD 10nF 630VDC Mustard Cap  (10nF = 0.01uF)
5x V-MC22 - TAD 22nF 630VDC Mustard Cap (22nF = 0.022uF)
1x V-MC47 - TAD 47nF 630VDC Mustard Cap (47nF =  0.047uF)
1x V-M500 - 500pF   500V   SILVER MICA CAP, Tol. +/- 5%  Pinabstand 6.5mm
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