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Belton 1/4"Phone Jack, STEREO, EPJ-BBB-P (12.5)

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  • CO-EPJ-BBB-P-12.5
  • 2x2x3.5 cm
  • 0.008 kg
  • 4251594914600
Belton 1/4" Phone Jack, plastic, print mount,  STEREO 6.3mm = 1/4" phone jack, great... more
Product information "Belton 1/4"Phone Jack, STEREO, EPJ-BBB-P (12.5)"
Belton 1/4" Phone Jack, plastic, print mount,  STEREO
6.3mm = 1/4" phone jack, great version with very tight closing contacts
* This jack has switching contacts of very good and dependable quality. Poor contact grip is the most likely reason for intermittant problems with input jacks or effect-loop jacks with many products using. A reason why we recommend upgrading the jacks.
Belton original part number: EPJ-BBB-P (12.5)
   - Good contact point by using nickel silver contact material
   - Insulated material is thermoplastics with glassfiber
General Specification
   - Life: 10,000 Cycles Min (Insertion /Withdrawal)
   - Insertion / Withdrawal Force: 0.1~ 0.8kgㆍf/cm
   - Contact Resistance: 20 mohms(Max.)
   - Insulation Resistance: Over 100 Mohms
   - Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC
   - Applicable to all types of electronic music instruments like as mixing console, graphic equalizer and stereo amplifier etc.
   - used with many Kurzweil keyboard instruments like SP76, SP88 and ME1
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