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B-Stock: 4AB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 2x2 Springs

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  • B-RV-4AB3C1B
  • 11x4x42.5 cm
  • 0.606 kg
Brand new with bad varnish, see pictures      4AB3C1B Spring Reverb Can... more
Product information "B-Stock: 4AB3C1B TAD Reverb Can 2x2 Springs"
Brand new with bad varnish, see pictures   
4AB3C1B Spring Reverb Can 2-spring (replaces Fender 022921 and 64063)
can be used as a direct drop-in replacement in all Fender® amplifiers with tube reverb from 1963-1990 and lots of current production models also!
Also used in Reissue models like:
Fender® Princeton Reverb
Fender® Deluxe Reverb
Fender® Vibrolux Reverb
Fender® Pro Reverb
Fender® Super Reverb
Fender® Twin Reverb II
Fender® Twin Reverb
Fender® Quad Reverb
Fender® Super Six Reverb
Fender® Vibrosonic
Fender® Vibroverb
Fender® Dual Showman Reverb
Fender®`63 Reverb Unit Reissue
Fender®`65 Princeton Reverb Reissue
Fender®`65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Fender®`65 Super Reverb Reissue
Fender®`65 Twin Reverb Reissue
Fender® '65 Twin Custom(TM) 15
Fender®´68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb
Fender®´68 Custom Princeton Reverb
Fender® Super-Sonic 100
Fender® Super-Sonic 60
Fender® Super-Sonic 22
Fender® Vibro-King Custom
Fender® Bandmaster Reverb TFL 5005X
also used in Mesa Boogie®
LAB Series, L5, L7, L9
Koch® Powertone I, Multitone , Twintone (I +II), no MOD needed.
length: 42,5cm
springs: 2 x 2
Input:   imp. 8 Ohm / 0.7 DC Ohm
Output:  imp. 2250 Ohm / 200 DC Ohm
What is an RV-MOD?
The two connectors of a reverb tank can either be grounded or not.
There are four options, defined by the third-to-last position of the part number (e.g. RV-4AB3C1B):
A = Input Grounded / Output Grounded
B = Input Grounded / Output Insulated
C = Input Insulated / Output Grounded
D = Input Insulated / Output Insulated
If the available options do not match the required grounding of your device, we can modify the reverb accordingly - upcharge EUR 12,- (incl. tax). In that case, please add the "RV-MOD" option and tell us the desired grounding (A, B, C or D) using the commentary field when placing the order.
TAD reverb tanks can be mounted in any position (defined by the last letter).
Length: Type 4 -length= 42.5 cm - springs= 2x2
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