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6J5WGT JAN-CRP Raytheon/USA, matched PAIR

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  • S6J5WGT.2
  • 9x12x4.5 cm
  • 0.1 kg
  • 4251594928379
    New Old Stock tubes, not tested for RoHS compliance.
    Only for repair and restoration of historical equipment.
matched  PAIR:  JAN-CRP-6J5WGT Raytheon/USA   NOS-NIB   metal base... more
Product information "6J5WGT JAN-CRP Raytheon/USA, matched PAIR"
matched  PAIR:  JAN-CRP-6J5WGT Raytheon/USA   NOS-NIB
metal base version, black ribbed plate, D-Getter
date codes from 1950s
CRP military specifications
Label with Ia and Gm measurements on the package
The Raytheon JAN-CRP 6J5WGT is considered by audiophiles to be the best sounding and most durable tube of the 6J5 type. Demanding audio preamps and sensitive phono input stages benefit most from the highest quality tubes.
For these matched pairs, we have selected tubes with as close as possible to the same year of manufacture, 1952-1956.
These 70 year old original parts matched to exact pairs are a small treasure that will probably never be found again once our stock has been sold.
identical or close: 6J5, 6J5G, CV1067, CV1932, CV1933, CV1934, VR67, VT94, VT94A, VT94B, VT94C, VT94D
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