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4CX20,000A power grid tetrode

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  • S4CX20000A
  • 47x63x47 cm
  • 8.4 kg
    New Old Stock tubes, not tested for RoHS compliance.
    Only for repair and restoration of historical equipment.
The 4CX20,000A power grid tetrode is primarily used in broadcast applications. (factory... more
Product information "4CX20,000A power grid tetrode"
The 4CX20,000A power grid tetrode is primarily used in broadcast applications.
(factory warranty term: 5,000 filament hours/24 months)
The 4CX20000A is a high-performance ceramic/metal power tetrode.Intended for use in audio or radio frequency applications.It features an internal mechanical structure which results in high RF operating efficiency. Low RF losses in this structure permit operation at full ratings up to 110 MHz and at reduced ratings to 220 MHz.
The 4CX20,000A has a gain over 18 dB in FM broadcast service, and is also recommended for radio frequency linear power amplifier service, and for VHF-TV linear amplifier service.
The anode is rated for 20 kW of dissipation with forced air cooling and incorporates a new highly efficient cooler design, which significantly reduces air pressure and flow requirements and produces low acoustical noise.
General Characteristics Electrical
Filament Thoriated-tungsten mesh
Voltage 10.0 ±0.5 V
Current @10.0V 140 A
Amplification factor 6.7
Direct interelectrode capacitances (grounded cathode):*
Input 190.0 pF
Output 23.5 pF
Feedthrough 1.5 pF
Direct interelectrode capacitances (grounded Grid):*
Input 83.0 pF
Output 24.5 pF
Feedthrough 0.2 pF
Maximum frequency for full ratings (CW) 110 MHz
Cooling Forced air
Base Special Coaxial
Airsocket SK-320
Air Chimney SK-326
Operating position Vertical, Base up or down
Maximum operating temperature 250° C
Maximum dimensions:
Length 245.0 mm (9.64 in.)
Diameter 223.5mm (8.80 in.)
Net weight 8.35 kg (18.4 lb)
* Capacitance values are for a cold tube measured in a shielded fixture
Class C Telegraphy or FM (key-Down Conditions)
Maximum Ratings
DC plate voltage 10,000V
DC screen voltage 2,000V
DC plate current 5.0A
Plate dissipation 20,000W
Grid dissipation 200W
Screen dissipation 450W
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