Mojotone "PW Hornet" Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup-Set

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Mojotone "PW Hornet" Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup-Set

Mojotone "PW Hornet" Humbucker - handwired in USA!

Position: Set - Neck and Bridge (F-Spaced)
Cover: Black

Friend and fellow North Carolinian Paul Waggoner, of the NC based progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me, has collaborated with us to develop his signature Mojotone humbucker pickup model called the "PW Hornet."
The "PW Hornet" humbucker is specially designed to provide a wide variety of progressive tones from pristine cleans full of warmth to heavy leads and chunky chord voicings, without going mushy on the lows or harsh on the highs. The girth and clarity of its coil tapped tones combined with its dynamic pick attack response make the "PW Hornet" a well-balanced and extremely versatile high-output humbucker pickup.

F-Spaced Bridge Position
Neck 7.5k Alnico 4 4-Conductor
Bridge 11k Ceramic 4-Conductor

F-Spaced is for the bridge position only. All neck pickups are standard spaced. Choose F-Spaced for E to E string spacing wider than 2 inches at the saddles. Choose Standard spaced for anything 2 inches and under.
Pauls Signature Guitar, The PWM100, loaded with his Signature Mojotone PW Hornet pickups, is available through Ibanez.

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