6SN7WGTA / 6SN7GT Sylvania/USA brown base

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  • S6SN7-SYL
  • 3.5x10x7 cm
  • 0.025 kg
NOS 6SN7WGTA brown base,   Sylvania/USA  JAN Datiert: 1964-1972 This type... mehr
Produktinformationen "6SN7WGTA / 6SN7GT Sylvania/USA brown base"
NOS 6SN7WGTA brown base,   Sylvania/USA  JAN
Datiert: 1964-1972
This type indicates a military spec tube that was not made for consumer use. These usually have extra support posts on the plate structure, heavy mica spacers, and brown micanol bases. These also have the famous triangular shaped black plates. They have been ruggedized to withstand shock, the brown low loss micanol base resists mold, mildew, and fungus growth, and they can withstand heat even if used upside down. The early Sylvania 6SN7W types from the 1940s had a metal collar around the base, then later a black base. These look internally alot like the early Sylvania GTA types listed above. Sylvania made these for other brands as well, including RCA. Easy to spot as they have the triangular blackplates facing each other in a short bottle, with a very heavy chrome top flashing extending down the sides of the tube. These are RARE and worth seeking out! The WGT and WGTA types all had brown bases. Only the WGTA types made in the late 70s and 80s reverted back to black bases then coin or wafer bases. These are all wonderful tubes, are long lived, and sound fantastic. No wonder they are fast disappearing from the vintage tube market.
Röhren Typ: 6SN7/CV181
Sockel: Oktal(8 Pin)
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