Celestion V-Type, Amp Kit Blackface Vintage Tweed 5E3 Verstärker 18Watt Plexi Bausatz, Selbstbau DIY, CAIG DeoxIt D5 Cramolin fader lube Kontaktreiniger Kontaktspray Kaycleen Kontakt Chemie
TAD Catalogue 2014 price list, TAD tube valves, amp kits Jensen Celestion FaneTAD Dealer registration

V-Type Celestion G12, 12'' 70W 8 Ohm

LCEG12VT70_8 Celestion LCEG12VT70-8 € 85,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
The Celestion V-Type! (NEW: Dec/2013) Combining decades of experience with...

Jensen P12/100 BB 12" 100W 8 Ohm

LJEP12_100_8 Jensen LJEP12-100-8 € 229,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Jensen Speakers is pleased to announce the new Jensen P12-100 (Blackbird Jet)...

Jensen CH15/120 15" 120W 8 Ohm

LJECH15120_8 Jensen LJECH15120-8 € 112,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Jensen CH15/120 15" 100W 8 Ohm Full bodied bass speaker with enough...

Tweed Champ 5F1 Style Amp-Kit

KIT_TWCHMP TAD_TubeAmpDoctor KIT-TWCHMP € 295,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Amp Kit Tweed Champ 5F1 Style with ca. 5 watt power. The Tweed Champ of the...

Blackface Princeton Reverb AA1164 Style Amp-Kit

KIT_BFPR TAD_TubeAmpDoctor KIT-BFPR € 589,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Amp Kit Blackface Princeton Reverb AA1164 Style with ca. 12 watt power. The...

Amp-Kit Plexi 18 Watt TMB

KIT_18WATT_TMB TAD_TubeAmpDoctor KIT-18WATT-TMB € 539,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Amp Kit 18 Watt-TMB Plexi Style with ca. 18 watt power. 2 chanels, tube...

# Tung-Sol KT150 beam power tetrode / Russia

NN925 Tung_Sol_Russia_Sov NN925 € 79,50
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Tung-Sol KT150 beam power tetrode manufacturer information: With a massive...

Psvane WE845 Xtreme Classic Series, Matched Pair in exclusive gift boxes

PS_WE845_2 Psvane PS-WE845/2 € 699,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
The PSVANE WE845 Western Electric Replica get shipped as factory matched pair...

Mojotone PAF Clone Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup Single (Bridge)

PU_HK_B_01 MOJO PU-HK-B-01 € 115,00
(incl. Tax excl. shipping)
Mojotone PAF Clone Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup Single (Bridge) The...

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2014_03_15_00_00_00 03/15/2014

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Repair- and Service Shop for Tube Amplifiers

2013_03_01_00_00_00 03/01/2013

Tube Amp Doctor's Service and Repair Workshop Operating hours : Mo-Fr  09:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:00 Workshop Hotline : Monday-Thursday 15:30 - 16:30 Our workshop grants first class service. Our...


2013_02_24_00_00_00 02/24/2013

  INTRODUCING THE CELESTION G12H-75 CREAMBACK, HIGH POWER VINTAGE GUITAR SPEAKER – Vintage G12H tone with greater power handling capability for modern amplifiers – Celestion, Ipswich UK, the...

TAD takes over distribution for Celestion in Germany

2013_01_14_00_00_00 01/14/2013

The Tube Amp Doctor GmbH, 67551 Worms, takes over the distribution for Celestion in Germany from  January 2013. This includes the legendary line of Guitar-Loudspeakers like the Vintage 30, the G12M Greenback and Celestion Blue,...

TAD Amp Kits, Cabinet and Speaker Soundtest

2012_10_04_09_37_00 10/04/2012

How does this amp sound? this cabinet? that speaker? These question could be answered by listening  to sound samples. But no sound sample could equal the real experience playing these hand crafted amplifiers. The response on your...

TAD Amp-Kits READY ASSEMBLED can be ordered now!

2012_05_30_00_00_00 05/30/2012

    NEW at the TAD-Shop:    Amp-Kits ready to order - ready assembled - ready to play! All TAD Amp Kits now can be ordered ready assembled. Masterbuilt  craftmanship in tradiditonal...

Prices for Music Shops, Repair and industrial customers (OEM)

2012_05_29_00_00_00 05/29/2012

The Tube Amp Doctor GmbH provides discounted prices to above mentioned commercial clients from musical instruments or audio-electronics operations.   To register for a professional account, a proper registered business is...

PSVANE Reference-T Series

2012_04_16_00_00_00 04/16/2012

PSVANE Tube manufacturing   PSVANE started designing superior grade tubes dedicated to HiFi Audio-Applications. The first were the BLACK TREASURE Series in cooperation with the Shuguang tube factory which have been further...

TAD NOS Tube buying list

2012_02_14_00_00_00 02/14/2012

Tube Amp Doctor NOS tube buying list only offer unused new items. always state exact brand of tube and type of packing. 12AX7A 5U4G 5U4GB 5Y3GT 6GW8 6L6GC 7025 7199...

2012_02_07_00_00_00 02/07/2012

  From February, 06th, 2012 the TAD Webshop does offer PAYPAL Express as prefered payment option.   With Paypal Express TAD does offer the straightest and fastest payment option.  ...



2010_12_03_00_00_00 12/03/2010

Shuguang has been developing its new high end Audio tube line to include large power tubes and small preamp tubes. Especially tweaked and selected for audio use. The new series called "Psvane" (pronounced as 'Pavane' - the brand...