KT88-STR TAD Premium Matched


KT88-STR TAD Premium Matched

Our Favourite Tube in the KT88 / 6550 Class

The latest version of our TAD KT88-STR is built in the style of the early British MOV KT88. It has the same big and heavy glass envelope and beautifully polished metal base. Its wonderful tone and great appearance make this tube the most attractive choice for high-end audio applications and powerful bass guitar amps.
It offers a vivid and three-dimensional tone, pleasingly warm, detailed and with subtle highs. A very musical reaction, with great sound and finest details in mids and top-end; a linear and harmonious overall response with a very natural tone, make the TAD KT88-STR our favorite tube in the KT88 and 6550A class.

Variants Price Menge
RT891 single (1 selected tube) on_Stock € 49,90
RT892 Pair (2 gematched tubes) on_Stock € 99,80
RT894 Quartet (4 matched tubes) on_Stock € 199,60
RT896 Sextet (6 gematchte Röhren) on_Stock € 299,40
RT898 Octet (8 matched tubes) on_Stock € 399,20

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