EL84M TAD-Tubes, Premium Matched


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EL84M TAD-Tubes, Premium Matched

The TAD EL84M provides cutting through mids and tight bass response making your playing being
heard even at lower volume or complex stage sound situation. This up to 10,000 operating hours
rated EL84 version is the most rugged and long-lasting EL84 on the market.
1st choice when dependability is your major goal.
d= 22,5mm

Due to its diameter of 22.5mm the TAD EL84-M does not fit in older Marshall DSL401 and UK made VOX AC15 TBX amplifiers. The only tube which fits these amp is the EL84-EI (ordering number: NN471)

Variants Price Menge
RT371 single (1 selected tube) on_Stock € 28,40
RT372 Pair (2 gematched tubes) on_Stock € 56,80
RT374 Quartet (4 matched tubes) on_Stock € 113,60
RT378 Octet (8 matched tubes) on_Stock € 227,20
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vladimir cervenansky (5/5)

I own modified AC15 with Alnico Blue speaker. I found the EL84M simply great. Only they need to be biased right. Compare to most of others EL84s I should to boost the bias much hotter. With a cold bias the sound is sterile and dull. I got the original datasheet of Russian 6P14P-EB ( EL84M in TAD ) and the min. bias for class A is 40mA - typicaly 48mA !!! I have now 43mA.The Tubes are singin and sparkling - very lively sound. No hum, no harsh, no hiss.. I tried many others EL84s ( GT, JJ, Mesa Boogie, Engl ) and EL84M are the best.


It's a bless when you have an small combo that goes microphonic with any other EL84 but, sonically, has a very sterile tone.

Paul Chuter (5/5)

These matching valves where the bizz, I bought five valves in all these for the power amp gives it a sweet sound thank you TAD for prompt service and delivery.

I will recommend you to friends and fellow musicians.

Thank you.

Paul Chuter, UK August 2008:

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