8FB2A1B TAD Reverb Can 3 Springs

Variants Description Stock Price Quantity
RV-8FB2A1B 8FB2A1B TAD Reverb Can 3 Springs Verfuegbarkeit_abhaengig_vom € 24,95
RV-8FB2A1B (1)
8FB2A1B TAD Reverb Can 3 Springs (1x)
+ Service: RV-Modification of grounding type (specify details during check out in order comment field)
Verfuegbarkeit_abhaengig_vom € 36,95

8FB2A1B TAD Reverb Can 3 Springs


primary used by
Music Man® Modell 112 RD 100 Chassis: 2100RD, first series with 6CA7 power tubes

length: 23,5 cm
springs: 3

Input: imp. 1925 Ohm / 200 DC Ohm

Output: imp. 2575 Ohm / 200 DC Ohm

What is an RV-MOD?
The two connectors of a reverb tank can either be grounded or not.
There are four options, defined by the third-to-last position of the part number (e.g. RV-4AB3C1B):
A = Input Grounded / Output Grounded
B = Input Grounded / Output Insulated
C = Input Insulated / Output Grounded
D = Input Insulated / Output Insulated
If the available options do not match the required grounding of your device, we can modify the reverb accordingly. In that case, please add the "RV-MOD" option and tell us the desired grounding (A, B, C or D) using the commentary field when placing the order.
TAD reverb tanks can be mounted in any position (defined by the last letter).

RohS Compliant

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