7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)

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NN-TS-7581 7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC) on_Stock € 25,40
NN-TS-7581 (2)
7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC) (2x)
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on_Stock € 58,00
NN-TS-7581 (4)
7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC) (4x)
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on_Stock € 116,00

7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)

7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)
King of clean-headroom tone!
max. plate dissipation: 35W
made in Russia

RohS Compliant
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SenorV (5/5)

@Jean-Paul Bleus; this is the Tung-Sol 7581-A tube which DOES dissipate a rating of 35 watts. The Tung-Sol 7581 tube (without the A) dissipates 30 watts like a standard 6L6GC. In any case, this is a "true" 7581-A tube which is very well balanced and will give you clean headroom for days!

Jean-Paul Bleus (4/5)

After more than one year of use...

I don't consider this tube as a 7581A but as a 6L6GC since it dissipates a Pmax of 30W. 7581A refers to an unaviable Sylvania which was a kind of 6L6 dissipating 35W, the only 6L6 that ever delivred such a Pmax. But who cares ?

This 6L6GC features some improvements to have more headroom than most of others and I have to say this is true, among all current 6L6's I've had it overwhelms anything else on that field.

I really love this tube, it sounds very detailed and warm too. It is precise in the whole spectrum and never harsh, with a strong bottom end. It really fits goog to my rig : my guitar amp is an Egnater Tourmaster 4100 and I use different cab's and speakers. I biased it at 40mA for around 500V on the plate.
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