7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)



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7581A Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)

7581 Tung-Sol (upgrades 6L6GC)
King of clean-headroom tone!
max. plate dissipation: 30W
made in Russia

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Robert Moss (1/5)

The 7581 datasheet from Tung Sol lists max plate dissipation at 35watts. While the 7581A datasheet lists max plate dissipation as 35watts.
I bought a matched quad listed here they are 7581A, but on the bottle they are stamped 7581 and the packaging carries the 7581 designation. TAD have yet to reply to me as to whether these ARE in fact 7581... but after emailing the 'tube talk' address from the Tung Sol website i was told this,

"You have the new production Tung-Sol 7581. It is a great sounding, beefy replacement for 6L6GC. They are built to 7581 specs, not 7581A specs. The 7581A designation on the Tube Amp Doctor's website is their mistake."

So at some point, maybe somebody will clarify what is actually being sold. I'm not sure what I bought from TAD are in fact 7581A's.

TAD: Thanks to Robert for taking care here!
In fact TungSol provided us a wrong data sheet in January 2012 stating the 35W 7581A which we refered to. But this has been corrected by May, 7th, 2012 and TungSol provided a correct data sheet which we provide for download under the "documents" tab.
The current production TungSol 7581 has 30W plate dissipation.

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