Moollon ReVIBE effect pedal

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Moollon ReVIBE effect pedal

 The Uni-Vibe, the product that embodies the rotating speaker simulation, can now be authentically heard once again in the Moollon ReVibe.
The light producing bulb, reflecting mirror cover, light/darkness-receiving photocell, and vintage-spec transistor make up the core parts of the ReVibe, and an exact design replication of the legendary Uni-Vibe means a true rebirth of the original, as proven in the foundational parts: the high efficiency miniature CDS and custom made-to-order mirror cover.
The unique vibrato and supple feeling that the ReVibe adds to a guitar range of tones sets it apart from every other Uni-Vibe clone on the market, in that this is the first true recreation of the original.
From sweeping, phaser-like dreamy chorus tones naturally emanating from the guitar"s natural low-mid range resonance to a fast rotating speaker simulation, a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities are made available.
Producing a well-balanced timbre without leaning heavily toward either low or high frequencies, the Moollon ReVibe will prove to show the true tonal essence of the original vibrato pedal.
Due to its original Design the ReVIBE runs on DC supply only:
High Quality Regulated Power Supply  is included !!!

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