Shuguang 845B Carbonanode, werksgematchtes Paar



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Shuguang 845B Carbonanode, werksgematchtes Paar

Zwei 845B Röhren mit Carbonanode, ab Werk gepaart, inklusive Geschenkbox.
Angelehnt an die 845 von Amperex.

Herstellerinformation zur Ausführung:
The hydride graphite anode and Toshiba specially-made thorium tungsten cathode vacuum tube 845B is with more than 100W anode dissipation power. The cathode material with very strong electron emitting capacity helps to avoid distortion while a strong signal inputting. And the distance between anode and grid leading wires being increased to 35mm improves the insulation greatly and at the same time reduces the medium loss of stem glass to resolve the problem of stem blown and air leak from stem. Furthermore, the inner porcelain parts of 845B with many grooves switches off the leakage circuit to ensure the complete signal inputted into grid. The new designed tubes 845B is evacuated supreme to get the long lifespan and stable performance. To sum up, the vacuum tube 845B has excellent performance both in stability and sound.

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